Our Services

A partnership built to last

Tailored to meet the needs, timescales, and budget of your business.

We adopt a fully consultative approach to talent acquisition. We partner with our clients to build relationships based on trust and complete understanding.

Although searches may vary to be fully bespoke to our client needs, our methods are consistently effective in streamlining the hiring process, reducing recruitment costs, and improving staff retention levels.

Our Process

To find the best talent, we conduct an in-depth investigation and analysis of the wants and needs of both clients and candidates to ensure the perfect match. During this initial consultation, we look at the future of the business and the strategy for the recruitment drive, and the development of the brand.
A project plan is agreed upon to ensure all parties are aligned on timescales and actions.
As we continuously build our network, we can offer our clients a list of every potential candidate with their suitability for the role qualified against their expertise and skills and the extent of their alignment with your objectives, values, and vision.
Communication with prospective candidates is paramount to ensure consistent messaging, aligned with the role and your brand.
To ensure equality and integrity in our search, we create a long list based on only skills and experience.
We complete a comprehensive screening of each long-listed candidate to decide on the shortlist, providing you with only the most qualified prospects for your role.
We identify and rank the strongest candidates to move forward, with rationales as to why they have been presented and the benefits of each against the criteria of the role.
To ensure a seamless process, we support and coordinate the interview stage, allowing you to focus on the interview and the candidate.

We guide the candidate through their resignation and navigate any counter-offers put on the table.

Welcome your new hire and look forward to your continued growth and their continued success.

Executive Search

Our executive search service is based on a close partnership with our clients, a far-reaching talent pool, and the integrity of our consultants who develop rapport and trust with candidates.

We use a consultative approach to fully understand the motivations behind the mandate, the future of the business, the culture of the team, and the skills and experience required of the leader.

Our analytical approach has proven success when it comes to finding your most valuable hires. With a wealth of experience, consultants at Buckden Partners use their intuition and draw on their network to suit your requirements.

Team Build

When it comes to building high-performance teams, whether it be within existing teams or building new services, we source a diverse range of mid to senior-level professionals.

We understand the importance of dynamic when it comes to successful teams, balancing technical competencies with cultural fits to create ultimate compatibility.

During our consultation, we analyse the required skills and experience of the team. We look to incumbent leaders to understand their management style, including their vision and values, and use this intel in our search.

We aim to have teams in place as quickly as possible by keeping regular tabs on the market and within our network.

Specialist Recruitment

We work with you on a project-by-project basis to attract the best talent on the market.

When you need assistance to source outstanding candidates, quickly and discreetly, our customised search process will complement your own recruitment efforts.

Bringing our vast network and extensive experience, our consultants work with you to understand the ideal candidate for your business.

At Buckden Partners, we work flexibly within your recruitment processes and deliver our bespoke search methods to achieve the ideal result.

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